Postmortem: Umibōzu

Ten weeks of production and development have come to an end and after a few days of digesting the last, workload-heavy week, it is now time to look back and reflect upon this great experience. This entry will close out this blog series about the making off Umibōzu.

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Comment Week #4

Comment on „Animations, Sprites and my consequent thoughts thereon“, a blog entry published by Felix Rahm.

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How has playtesting affected the development of Umibōzu?

Playtesting is definitely one of the most important components when developing a game. Not only does playtesting provide confirmation whether or not standards or goals are being met, it also exposes the developers to different insights and perspectives that would end up unheard otherwise. In the following blog entry, I will talk about how playtesting has affected the development of our game, Umibōzu.

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Comment Week #2

Comment on ‚Pixel Perfect in Unity‘, a blog entry published by Benjamin Thomas Harbakk
and on ‚The Role of a Lead Artist‘, a blog entry published by Ellen Wetterholm

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Creating an unfogettable ambient

Introduction Creating a lasting experience for the player that convey mystery and excitement yet is not too intrusive or frightening is probably the decider whether our Umibōzu will succeed or crash and burn. While a lot of atmosphere and ambient can be build up with music and sound cues, having believable, coherent and frankly spoken […]

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