Welcome! My name is Alexander Sinn and I am the Lead Artist on Team Cockatrice. We are currently developing a game based on the concept Umibōzu designed by Team Gnoll.

Umi.. what?

The spirit of the Umibōzu originates from Japanese folklore. It is said to be accompanied by strange ocean phenomenon. It has been described as a hostile spirit, destroying any ship that dares to cross its path. The few that have seen the Umibōzu  are usually the sole survivors of the ship that encountered it.

Overview of the Game

Explore uncharted waters on a quest to find the legendary Umibōzu. Armed with a harpoon and a spotlight to provide better vision in the thick fog that surrounds your ship, you must navigate perilous waters. Only one motivation drives you. Is the story of Umibōzu  just a tale told by drunk old fools in mourdly bars or is there any truth to the tale?


Title picture Artwork by Henry Citra





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